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Boost Your Blog Income Using Eye-catching Stripe Ad

Using an eye-catching advertisement usually will increase response rate of blog visitor to see the advertisement and even click the advertisement. That will increase income of blog. You have made a blog and make articles, so this is the time to monetize your blog with advertisement to get income form blogging.

Space advertisement that most seen by the blog visitor usually at header and right sidebar. Because this is the eye of your visitor see when visiting the blog. And to place advertisement on the header, you can use plugin MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad for blog wordpress. It will show Ad like this below:

What you have to do is: You make interesting text advertisement for visitor to see and then they will click it to open your affiliate or referral program. More and more clicks, the bigger possibility for you to get sales of your product, affiliate product or more referral you will get, because every person who open your blog, will see the stripe ad and usually they will click it to see what it is about.

You can also control for the rotating ads from the admin area for plugin MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad. You can change the value, which Ad will be show more often than the others, you decide.

And you can control the color, the font and the text size for your stripe Ad also.

For more detail to download and how to install plugin MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad, you can download the plugin at here.

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  1. 1. lilian says:

    hi thanks for sharing this one..i will download the plugin and i will apply it to 5 blogs…great job

  2. 2. Evy says:

    I think I’ll try this plugin, and will tell you whether it works or not. Thanks :)

  3. 3. Dan R. says:

    For anyone interested we just released the Stripe Ad into our network making it even easier for publishers and giving publishers access to our advertiser-base.

    More info at:

    Add a Stripe Ad to ANY site not just WordPress!

  4. 4. pic hosting says:

    Thx for sharing friend, I? m going to learn from this.

  5. does it slow the speed of our blog or not? as I know that using this will disturb our readers convenient by waiting too long for the loading, what do you think mas david?

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