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How To Backup Website and File

Do You have a website with your own domain and hosting? If the answer is yes, then you have to schedule some times to back up your website and file regularly. This is to avoid loss of your website data either in part or whole data that can be caused by internal website error because your own mistakes careless delete some data, error from your server hosting or from external error (hacking).

Backup website and file is used if something happened and you can upload the backup file to your hosting and restore the website likes before the error happened. Backup files better done on a regular basis, save your website file in your computer or in CD. There are currently hosting company that provides service to backup files regularly for you, but of course you better not rely 100% to the hosting company, you need to backup your website by yourself sometimes.

This is step by step How to backup website and database:

1. You log in to your hosting control panel. Depending on your server hosting system using windows or using linux webhosting. When using linux webhosting with cpanel, your control panel can be accessed through www.yourwebsite.com/cpanel, then input your username and password. This tutorial will be using linux webhosting with cpanel.

2. Then in control panel you look for backups icon, and click the icon

3. Next you will be given options to backup files

  • Full Backup means you will backup your entire website directory, file and database.
  • Partial Backups for the Home Directory Backup means you only backup website directory and website file (folder structure, file html, htm, php, zip file, and etc.)
  • And Partial Backups for MySQL Database Backup means you only backup for mysql database.

To do partial Backups, you can click on the link “Home Directory” for the backup file and click on “Database name” to back up mysql database. And then will appear a link to download directly. And to restore your website later, you can use the file and restore a Home Directory Backup or MySQL database on the right sidebar.

4. Full Backup is used when you want to move your website to another hosting. To make a Full Backup you can click “Download or Generate a Full Backup” on the image above (point 3), and at the bottom of the page, you enter your email address, and click “Generate Backup”, when generate backups process completed, You will be inform by email and you can download full backup at that page.

However, if the file you want to backup is large, sometimes the download process drop out often, to solve this, you can use FTP software like filezilla to download full backup. Full backup files usually will be stored in parallel with the public_html directory.

After you download the full backup using FTP software, don’t forget to delete the file because it will reduce your hosting disc space as well.

Lets schedule your backup times, maybe 1 times a month for full backup and every day or once a week for partial backup, depending on your website condition.

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