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How to Show Avatars in Comment Blog Area

Leaving comment in a blog or we call that blog walking usually can give a little bit traffic to your own blog. And to increase the traffic it can be done by showing avatar or picture of yourself in comment blog area, so the blog owner and the others visitor can see and read your comments and even open your blog because your avatar (they want to know you).

So don’t forget to show you avatar when leaving a comment in your friend or other blogs. To show avatar in comment blog area, you should open an account at Gravatar.com dan upload avatar you like. Then after you upload the file, when you fill the name, email address and website address while writing a comment , your avatar from Gravatar.com will be show up too.

The result likes this:

You can upload a photo or image to be used as your avatar. Let’s try this simple blogging how to!

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  1. 1. Ikhwan15 says:

    hi david… i;m just testing the avatar like you suggested in your article above.. thanks for the information.. it is very usefull.

  2. 2. Mikes says:

    I have one like this already. thanks for sharing.

  3. 3. Bill Bartmann says:

    Cool site, love the info.

  4. I don’t know if avatar can give traffic but i will try it,

  5. 5. Gyncencouck says:

    Awesome – kinda awesome subject. I will blog about it too!

  6. 6. seo says:

    Go to blog home.Then go to view my blog. Then go to view comments. You can delete them there. Oh and btw…. Jean Grae rules and she is on tour with the Roots!

  7. 7. Akhmad Syaiful says:

    thank’s your info about Avatar. its nice article, I try it

  8. 8. Agus Siswoyo says:

    I’ve used it since I first did blogging. It gives more effect in personal branding rather than having good content.

  9. 9. Life says:

    Thanks for provide avator’s idea,haha! It’s useful!

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