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internet contest

internet contest

Russell Brunson’s ideas is great. He run an internet contest right now and it’s called Zero to $100 Million Challenge. So What’s the contest all about?

The concepts is this:

The most difficult part for someone who start looking for making money online is actually making the FIRST $1.00 online. So Russell actually going to give you one dollar for every person who you refer that signs up for this contest! Plus you will get training at no cost while joining the contest, and there is a lot video traning inside.

From this contest He wants to make his students a collective $100 Million Dollars and the winner gets a New Corvette!

And Russell also will give donation to helps World Teacher Aid which gives donation to children in El Salvador and Ghana, Africa.

So.. Join the contest Here: $100 Million Challenge, Take me to the contest site now!!!

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  1. 1. Anthony L says:

    I have frequented your port before. The more I visit, the more I keep coming back! ;-P

  2. I just have to say, I enjoy reading your site. Maybe you could let me know how I can subscribing with it ? I feel I should let you know I found your website through yahoo.

  3. Not a terrible website at all. I found this after some searches on Bing and it’s really helped me to perceive things much clearer – thanks.

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