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Learn Internet Marketing with DotcomSecrets System

dotcomsecrets book

dotcomsecrets book

This is a new book I have read. DotcomSecrets Book written by Russell Brunson. I get this book when i join internet contest: Zero to $ 100 Million Challenge which is carried out by Russell Brunson. To get the book, you only require to contribute minimize $1 for Russell’s Donation Program for collecting donation in the form of human aid to World Teacher Aid for children in El Salvador and Ghana, Africa. And the rest, you just cover the delivery cost to your home.

Russell in dotcomsecrets book explain how he use dotcomsecrets system to run his internet business. He give the explanation where from and how do you require to learn and start the business by using the same system that is dotcomsecrets system.

Russell start by explaining the anatomy of successful internet business with is simple system, that is making simple website without many graphics with opt-in box that’s called  “squeeze page” to get visitor name and email address, then offer them low end product to get who is the real buyer in the list, then he explain how to promote the website to get targeted traffic as well as doing recycling traffic for future advantage.

Russell explain that dotcomsecrets system is valid for all internet business types, not merely for information product business, but also valid for physical product business, network marketing business, as well as offline business.

  • Information product business is the business that sell the information product through internet, with product be like ebook, video, audio, software and others.
  • Physical product business is the business that sell physical product through internet.
  • Network marketing businesss is multi level marketing business the can use the internet to get leads.
  • And Offline business is everyday business which use the internet for promotion activity and to get leads, while for his workmanship entangle offline activity.

Russell also teach the essentials to make a good sales letter, track conversions, how to optimize your website to get better rangking in search engine, and teach how to promote your website to get targeted traffic.

Russell also emphasize that you not necessarily to do altogether by yourself to setup your business, you can outsource to give better result than you try to do all by yourselft.  Comparison between time, expense to outsource, and the result to get.

Content of Dotcomsecrets book is good and informative, I recommend you to read and learn from dotcomsecrets system. To get it you require to join internet contest here: Zero to $ 100 Million Challenge.

And my suggestion, after learning from the book, you have to try to take action to build your internet business because the real learning process is while you take action.

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    i have tried selling different products from Multi Level Marketing and i can earn a decent amount of money from them.-,`

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