MoreNiche Affiliate Network With Split Commission Technology

MoreNiche is a successful and respected affiliate marketing company worldwide promoting high quality health brands such as Alli, UniqueHoodia, Zotrim, Acai Berry, Phen375, Proactol and a lots more.

Now MoreNiche presents Split Commission Technology to their MoreNiche Affiliate Commission Technology. What is Split Commission Technology all about?

Usually when we promoting affiliate product, the last affiliate who referrer ( get click their affiliate link) get the commission. But how about the first man ( first affiliate ) who the first introduce the customer to buy the product? He get nothing. But with Latest MoreNiche Split Commission Technology, everybody wins this time.

The first affiliate who introduce the customer who buy the product, although buy with another affiliate, also get the commission about $5. So everybody wins, The first affiliate get $5, the latest affiliate who get that buyer sales get the full commission and the MoreNiche get the order of the product. This is really benefit for affiliate. Thanks to MoreNiche.

And now the program will start with Proactol product.


Comes join the MoreNiche Networks Here and start promoting the affiliate product and get the commission.

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  1. hmmm… so i stumbled randomly upon your topic from this other site that spoke about some diet solutions? Anyways, i took the time to read your article but i’m slightly confused… Either way, you’re a great writer and i wanted to take the time to write a thank you! I’ve bookedmarked your site for future reference.

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