Payment from DotcomSecrets Internet Contest

There is many ways to make money on the internet likes the poetry says “There is many roads to rome”, as well as making money on the Internet. One example is with affiliate program.

There is many type of affiliate programs, likes pay per click affiliate program (paid based on ad clicks), pay per lead affiliate program (paid based on the potential buyers who sign up) and pay per sale affiliate program (paid based on product sales). You need to know how the commission from affiliate program you can get before running the program.

This is a screen shot my paypal account, payment from DotcomSecrets Internet Contest affiliate program: The $100 Million Dollar Challenge . I receive payment from PayPal e-Check, total value $ 950.

For everyone who follow the program through my link or others, must be already get the payment in last December 2008. And now the affiliate program from Dotcomsecrets internet contest is already over, even the contest its self will end in Feb 2009.

Now you can try another affiliate program from Consumer Community Website here.

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