Tutorial Making Money From The Consumer Community Website

You can make money by joining a consumer community website, make review, give rating review, add friends and invite others to join this community. You will get $ 1 per active member and the other income from making product review, give rating and comment on your friend reviews. To run the program, you can put the banner in your site, send email to invite your friends and making reviews.

The Steps are:

1. You can open the consumer community website below and then join:

2. After You join, You have to be an active member. To be active member, you must create at least 1 review on any topic that you can write according to the given category. You can make a simple review, not to be complicated. first review to be active member. You can write review about movie, sport, music, electronic and other goods.

- Review have to be in English

- If English is not your primary languange, then you can make review in you language then use google translator to translate it to English. After that you can edit and use it as your review.

By becoming active member, you can get revenue from the Consumer Community Website

3. Then you put banners on your website or blog, you can copy and paste the code provided, and replace XXXXXXXX with your member id. Member id as 8 digit on number. It’s not your login username.

4. Then send email to invite your friends to join the consumer community website by using the email form provided.

5. Next, you can create another reviews for any products or topics, you can add new friends, you can give rating for others people reviews  (maximum 5 rating per day) and provide comments to add some points to earn more.

Many people already joining this program, make sure you don’t miss it and invite your friends too…

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